ECTS (European Ceramic Technology Suppliers) new meeting in Turkey

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The Turkish city of Izmir hosted on 22nd and 23rd of May a new meeting of the ECTS (European Ceramic Technology Suppliers), whose host was MAK-SAN, with the presence of MORTE, represented by Marcos Morte and Isabel Vicioso.

This event once again brought together the leading European suppliers of machinery, materials and engineering services for the ceramics sector and served to analyze the state of the sector.

Firstly, it was found that the economic situation is satisfactory even though that currently are not many big projects in the market.

In turn, the members of the association reviewed the different markets coming to the conclusion that Europe and North Africa are still the best regions, Latin America is a region with a promising future and that Middle East might be a good market in the medium term, once the military conflicts in the area cease.

Finally, preparations were started for the forthcoming meeting, to be held next October in Barcelona.

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