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At MORTE we have always been noted for our innovative character, since we have been committed to maintaining an open attitude, consisting of being alert to the existing developments in our environment, with the aim of developing actions that can generate improvements in all areas of the company.

For this reason, during the past year 2017 we decided to participate in the ACTIVA INDUSTRIA 4.0 program, whose objective is to promote the digital transformation of the Spanish industry.

As a preliminary step to the participation in this program, we have performed a self-diagnosis using HADA tool (ADVANCED DIGITAL SELF-DIAGNOSTIC TOOL) that evaluates the following aspects:

• Business and marketing strategy
• Processes
• Labor Management
• Infrastructures
• Products and services


The result achieved has determined that our level of digital maturity is COMPETENT, which indicates that we are a company in development characterized by:

• Incorporate Industry 4.0 initiatives in our strategy
• Making Industry 4.0 investments in several areas
• Collect some data automatically, with limited exploitation
• Performing intra-company information exchange that is beginning to be integrated with suppliers and customers


This result has allowed us to participate in the program, whose main objective is to identify the technological potential improvement of each company, providing the following benefits:

Business advice to improve competitiveness through a personalized support itinerary.

♦ Diagnosis of the real situation of the company to know their capabilities in the field of Industry 4.0.

♦ Development of an action plan in order to identify, define and prioritize the improvement and transformation actions in the field of Industry 4.0.

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