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With the clear purpose of optimizing its production processes and continuing with its commitment to equip itself with the latest technology available in the market, MORTE has purchased a Vertical Turning Center model VTC 800/30SR.

It is a fact that the extrusion Dies are becoming far more complex with new geometries that require greater machining capabilities.

At the same time, the recovery of the Spanish ceramic sector combined with the constant growth that is being experienced in the rest of markets, make necessary a faster and more versatile mechanization to save time in the placement of the parts in machine, with the consequent reduction of down times and increase of productivity.

Finally, MORTE is immersed in a process of industrial diversification, collaborating in the last few years with several companies of the wind power sector, the recycling sector and the aerospace industry among others. The complexity and typology of parts to be manufactured for these sectors is best solved with a 5-axis continuous machine.

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