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Isabel Viciosa. Responsable Exportación Morte

We are Morte. Isabel Vicioso

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Commercial Department – Europe

If one word could describe Isabel, it would be Energy, but a controlled energy, oriented to action and effectiveness.

Isabel graduated as a Tourism Activities Technician and, though she currently resides in one of the most beautiful settings in Europe (the south of France), she considers Pradejón – where she was born and where the MORTE head offices are located – to be the best place in the world.

Isabel is proud of her roots and of working for a company that she has known since she was a child.

Isabel joined MORTE at a time of personal change just prior to the construction bubble bursting in Spain, and she suggested the following:

Why not open a MORTE office in France to develop and consolidate the European export market?

Done and done.

That is Isabel: clear, direct and decisive.

In the time she has been with us, MORTE has become one of the key players in the French market and, from here, support has been given to the establishment of MORTE in Central Europe.

When you talk to Isabel, you can see she is genuinely listening to you – because it is interesting to her. Isabel likes to listen, to know each client’s concerns and to find the solution in coordination with the technical department at MORTE.

Her reasons for recommending MORTE products are compelling:

Firstly, the people – the team:

‘A team that works hard every day to respond to any problem experienced by the client’.

Then, experience and technology:

‘The extensive track record in the sector in a country which has been very demanding of construction for many years has led us to incorporate highly durable materials and cutting-edge technology, both of which enable the client to improve their production and, consequently, their profitability’.

In her free time, Isabel is highly active: tennis, jogging, travelling, etc. However, she also finds time to enjoy a good book or film, particularly in the company of her partner and their son, with whom she is also part of a great team – just as she is a fundamental cog in the MORTE Team.



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