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Somos Morte

We are Morte. Luis Miguel Orozco

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Oxycut and Plasma Manager


Born in Cuenca, but from Pradejón by adoption, Luis Miguel came to La Rioja for love. Before that, he had time to work in the fields, grape-picking to earn ‘tuppence ha’penny’ as a student, then to be employed in a pharmaceutical laboratory and to earn a degree from Complutense University in Madrid in optometry.

His first position at MORTE was as a CAD design technician, but shortly after his arrival a second industrial unit went up. It was intended specifically for oxycut and plasma cutting and he was offered the chance to run it. He accepted immediately.

There, Luis can cut sheets of steel measuring from 8 to 110 mm thick and weighing up to 10 tons, moving them as if they weighed nothing at all by way of an electromagnet. But, first, programming is needed to make maximum use of the material. Spatial awareness, planning and accuracy are the key elements to this job: accommodating the different pieces to make maximum use of the material; then making the exact cut for each piece from which MORTE dies are produced.

He is also the export logistics manager for Algeria, a developing market to which he needs to devote all his organisational and managerial skills.

His life has changed in the last few months: the arrival of his twins Liam and Laia, the apple of his eye, something he would not change for anything in the world.

But Luis is, above all, discerning, a non-conformer, with a vision of the world wherein values stand out. At first sight, he could seem fidgety as he expresses himself so rapidly but he thinks even faster than he speaks and words come sprinting out of him. He can talk about almost anything and has no qualms about starting a profound conversation with anyone, given he is a people person and he can adapt to his audience, much like how he adapts the parts of the MORTE dies to the steel sheet, getting the very best out of each piece.

Perhaps his qualifications in optometry help him see things in a different light. A way in which his family orients him towards what is important, in his work which requires precision and of which he is particularly proud, and in his colleagues who note his camaraderie, his capacity for work and his involvement in the manufacturing of the dies at MORTE.

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