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Somos Morte. Oscar Ezquerro

We are Morte. Oscar Ezquerro Ezquerro

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TAS – Technical Assistance Service

Oscar began working for MORTE in January 1998. He still remembers how he was discharged from military service on a Friday and had already become a member of the MORTE team by the following Monday.

Although he had experience in other industries, Oscar was looking for a company that would help further his professional development. He had good references from his brother, Javier, who was already part of the MORTE team.

At first, Oscar worked alongside his brother in the welding section, where he learnt to manufacture core holders before going on to manage the chrome-plating process. Subsequently, he rotated among different sections of the workshop, including EDM, drilling and assembly. This gave him an unrivalled understanding of the setup and operation of the dies produced by MORTE.

In 2008, when the company shifted its focus towards exportation, Oscar was asked to join the customer service department and head the repair and setup service for the company’s dies. On a personal level, he was very proud and gratified at the level of trust that had been placed in him with this new position.

Needless to say, he did not have to think twice about accepting the offer.

If there is one of Oscar’s qualities that stands out above the others, it is his exceptional dedication and commitment to his work. As soon as he is notified of a repair or setup task, Oscar goes to the customer’s premises and does not leave until the die is fully operational. He also knows, through his extensive personal experience, that the dies produced by MORTE do not cause problems – and that’s a guarantee.

Oscar admits that the least enjoyable part of travelling is waiting at the airport, because for him, time is of the utmost essence.

He is happy to devote as many hours as necessary to repairing or setting up a die. Oscar is aware of how important his work is to MORTE’s customers and knows that it is largely down to him to keep their production lines running.

He likes to spend his leisure time with his family, playing with his son (he has another on the way) and cooking for his family and friends.

Oscar also values punctuality; he always likes to be the first to arrive, and even strives to be there a few minutes early: perhaps that’s why he thinks the worst part of travelling is the waiting around at airports!

However, if there’s one thing he’s learnt during these years of travelling, it’s this: in Spain, more than anywhere else, working for a company is almost like being part of a big family, thanks to the great working environment. It’s a family made up of all of us who, in one way or another, form part of this great team: the MORTE team.

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