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Somos Morte Santiago Ezquerro

We are Morte. Santiago Ezquerro Ezquerro

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Saw Operator

Although born in Calahorra, Santiago is from Pradejón throughout his entire life as his double Ezquerro surname suggests.

He has seen MORTE grow up from his homeland and it has always been in his sights. The reason: work is important to Santiago but more than that, for him it is important to work in a company with a great atmosphere.

So, when he saw an opportunity, he grabbed it and in 2004 he joined the team at MORTE, where he has held many positions in the manufacturing area.

One can say that Santiago ‘is able to manufacture a die on his own’ because he knows the whole process and the level of quality needed perfectly.

Perhaps this is why he distributes parts to the majority of the workshop so that nobody goes without, from his post on the cutting saw. To make a comparison with his other team – FC Barcelona  – Santiago is the ‘Iniesta’ of the workshop, seeing work in perspective and distributing the ball – the parts – wherever needed at all times. He does all this while maintaining the quality and innovating in the machining processes to optimise the time taken – a contribution about which he is very proud.

If he were asked to recommend MORTE dies, Santiago would focus on their great quality and on the modular system that enables them to be easily assembled and disassembled.

He relaxes at the weekend by going for a stroll among the hills. On these walks, he tops up his energy levels so as to cheer on his two teams: Barça and MORTE.

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