Successful participation of MORTE in the Symposiums organized by the ECTS in Lima and Bogota

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The cities of Lima and Bogota hosted on 6 and 9 October 2017 respectively the Symposiums of Technology and Innovation for the Ceramic Brick Industry organized by the ECTS (European Ceramic Technology Suppliers).
MORTE was represented in both events by Cristóbal Navas and David Bartolomé.

Of the first of them, held at Hotel Los Tallanes, we want to highlight the presentation of the President of the Association of Ceramic Brickmakers of Peru (ALACEP), Mr. Nilo Mendoza.
He focused it on the fierce competition of alternative materials against ceramic materials, fuelled by a stream of criticism of ceramic bricks, promoted by architects and people interested in Peru who are intentionally transmitting erroneous data to question the technical and constructive advantages of ceramic bricks.
In addition, he encouraged the rest of brickmakers to team up so as to face the competition and defend their common interests.

Regarding the Symposium held at Hotel Cosmos 100 of Bogota, it is noteworthy the presentation of the President of ANAFALCO, Mr. Marco Antonio Suárez Montoya, who described the evolution of the implementation of technology of the association, from completely handmade processes to the gradual incorporation of machinery. At the same time, he invited the attendees to associate with the rest of brickmakers to try to be more competitive, arguing that their enemies are the concrete and the rest of alternative materials, not the other brickmakers.

Finally, we want to emphasise the good reception that the presentation made by MORTE had among the attendees. It was focused on showing our hallmarks, profitability and service, endorsed by the unbeatable wear-resistance of our tungsten carbide MOR-05 and the modularity of our extrusion dies that considerably eases the replacement of spare parts.


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