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We are Morte. Sergio Fernández

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Quality and Environment Manager


Sergio is a person who has his feet on the ground. In fact, he finished his studies in agricultural engineering with the idea of later devoting himself to enology. This is due he comes from a family with vineyards in La Rioja Baja, an area with deep roots in the land.

But the land calls the land and the clay crossed his path when he was finishing his final thesis … and Marcos invited him to join MORTE team in 2004.

As soon as he started working in the summer of 2004, he was entrusted with the task of managing the quality certification, supervised by the Management. So, without thinking twice, he went to task, and in a month and a half he passed the ISO 9001 Quality Audit.

He could not have better landing, in 4 weeks he caught up, and since then he carries out his work in the areas of Quality, Purchasing and Production. He also actively collaborates in the implementation of small improvements in the production process.

Three years later, at the request of the Management, he was also in charge of obtaining the ISO 14001 environmental quality certification.

He defines his work as a hinge between the design and production areas, supervising work orders and being very careful to maintain the high quality standards of MORTE Dies.

Of the company, he highlights its attitude aimed to continuously innovate, the experience gained over many years in the sector, and the management’s concern for its workers.

A concern that he now moves to his newly extended family. Because having a daughter changes your life a lot and for good … Every age has its stages, and he has reached the age of being a father.

He likes mountain biking and traveling … knowing places, cultures and people … experiences, he says. From Croatia, Switzerland, Norway, Prague, to the United States.

Now he has had to stop a bit and dedicate himself to his other hobbies, such as music, the world of wine, approaching the family vineyard whenever he can in order to collaborate in the tasks of the field, and especially spending time with his daughter and his girlfriend.

He does not lack concerns, but always with his feet on the ground, in his land, the land where his house is, his home and the company where he works, whose products he does not hesitate to recommend:

“Due to the work behind each Die, the years of experience in the sector, visiting, and working” side by side” with our customers. And the accumulated experience that makes each Die different and tailored to the specific needs of each customer”.

The quality of MORTE Dies is certified by him.

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