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Roberto Munilla

We are MORTE. Roberto Munilla

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Roberto Munilla Gurpegui

R & D Department – General Manager Assistant

Behind that calm exterior is a restless mind, analytical, original, methodical and brilliant.

Roberto joined MORTE in September 2006, and this is clear.

From his responsibility in R & D, he has contributed immensely to countless projects that have led to significant improvements both in management – via an ERP system, integrated into the design system – and in production, by contributing his knowledge and experience to the research of materials more resistant to abrasion, such as with AECROM, AERAD and in the SMED project. His contribution to these project work teams is always relevant and helps improve both the quality of MORTEproducts and the profitability of its customers.

Roberto is one of those responsible for the originality, continuous improvement and quality focus that permeate through all MORTE departments.

An industrial engineer by training, he is a specialist in the areas of research and management for the company, and is convinced that commitment to quality is a permanent attitude, which is found throughout MORTE.

Roberto has this short recommendation for MORTE:

“For its commitment to its customers, dedication to service and continuous improvement, MORTE is always looking to increase profitability for both its customers and itself.”

For Roberto, the work is not finished until the customer is happy with the product received and it is working at full capacity.

As a keen sportsman, he is a team player, a noble and tenacious fighter; there is no challenge he is not willing to face, nor any good game of frontón, tennis or paddle he is not willing to take part in. A lover of gastronomy and travelling, he loves discovering new cultures while keeping his family and his native Navarre in his heart at all times.


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