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At MORTE we are particularly proud to be a pioneer in the application of new technologies in the production of equipment for the ceramic industry in order to optimise our manufacturing processes.

Our technical department continually develops customised solutions to meet the needs of our customers in an increasingly demanding marketplace.

Our talented staff combined with cutting-edge machinery (e.g. CNCs, EDMs, lathes, oxycut and plasma cutting) equipped with the best tools, allow us to manufacture all components of our products and carefully control the entire production process with the high standard of quality for which we are internationally recognised.

Key factors that make a difference are: having our own raw materials warehouse, performing the heat treatment at our own facilities and having a vast knowledge of the materials to be used in each process; these were all obtained following our continuous search for improvements and the experience gained throughout the years.

At the same time, we maintain permanent and close collaboration with our customers in addition to a lower cost of maintenance of our products, due to fewer stoppages during extrusion and faster and easier start-ups. For these reasons, our products are considered as the most profitable on the market.

 We guarantee a standard of quality for which we are internationally recognised, and have delivery times that no other manufacturer is capable of matching.