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Our concern and commitment with the customer has turned into a proactive and non-conformism approach in all areas of the company, particularly in R+D and Production Departments

This attitude leads to a process of research and constant search for new materials, coatings and solutions to improve the durability of the different die components. Our goal is to increase the profitability of our customers by offering better products and solutions than the competition.

Over the past 15 years, we have undertaken numerous R+D projects aimed at increasing our knowledge and experience. We have done extensive testing and analysis of all types of materials and coatings, including characterization of clays, and analysing the rheology (the behaviour of fluids) in the extrusion process. We have also implemented projects that have improved our production processes, and made us more competitive.

We at MORTE are open to collaborate with our customers, suppliers, universities, technology centres and with anyone willing to propose lines of research and development to increase the quality of our products and services.