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In order to intensify our commitment with MORTE MECANIZADO and dispose of the most avant-garde production means, we have acquired a FEED ROBOTIC CELL that is the first step in the implementation of robotics in our production process.

This system has been installed in our INTEGREX J-200S horizontal multi-tasking machine, which stands out for its processing flexibility, accuracy, and angular milling capacity, with the purpose of optimizing daily work while occupying the work center as much as possible.


This robotic cell easily programmable by trained staff of the company stands out for:

  • Its ability to handle heavy weights (35 kg payload at wrist)
  • 6-axis control and repeatability of 0.03 mm
  • Allows automatic placement of pieces of different diameters and lengths in the machine
  • Possibility to perform the unloading with a single arm to pallet or table


Based on these characteristics, this innovation eliminates the need for a person to be permanently on the machine, opening up the possibility of machining beyond workshop hours, guaranteeing the quality of the machined parts, as long as they are medium series and / or parts with complex machining.

In this way, a significant increase in the number of available working hours of the INTEGREX J200 will be generated, which, added to the versatility of our staff, translates into a reduction in delivery times and a considerable increase in MORTE’s productivity and competitiveness.








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