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MORTE presents its “Die Washing Machine”

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Continuing its policy focused on offering innovative products that enhance productivity and profitability of its customers, MORTE launches its Die Washing Machine.

It is designed to automatically clean any die manufactured by MORTE as well as almost all the existing extrusion dies. MORTE’s Die Washing Machine offers the following advantages:

  • Provides greater durability to extrusion dies. This, together with the use of MORTE dies, provides a significant improvement in profitability.
  • Reduced downtime
  • Greater/improved stability during the extrusion process
  • Easy to handle.

Its design enables an easy handling during assembly, die placement and die removal stages. The machine is made of stainless steel, both the chassis and panels, which provides it great stability and strength.

The machine consists of the following elements:

Control cabinet and pressure system. It is mounted on a separate cabinet which is attached to the die washing machine. It contains the control devices to operate the machine as well as the pressure equipment which ensures optimal washing for each die.

Vertical swing door. Made of stainless steel, it is equipped with an opening and closing system, which gives it more strength and safety during handling. It incorporates a central window to easily control the washing process.

Washing rotors. Located under the swing door, they shoot jets of high pressure water on both sides of the die, carrying out a circular movement with horizontal displacement, which allows an optimal cleaning in a short time.

Removable sludge tank. It is responsible for collecting water and sludge coming off during the die washing process, it can be removed by using a forklift and it can be drained by means of a self-dumping system.


With this new machine, MORTE strengthens its strategy of manufacturing products that improve the profitability of its customers. As a result, we have the first orders of this new product which is currently in the process of manufacture.


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