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Cristobal Navas, Jefe de Ventas Morte

We are Morte. Cristóbal Navas

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Commercial Director

Cristóbal is the kind of person whose presence is evident despite not spending much actual time in the the head offices at MORTE. In fact, though he has only been with us for 10 years, it seems like he has been here forever. Perhaps this is because, as he says, since he started in the ceramics sector nearly 30 years ago, he has always wanted to work for MORTE.

Hence, when he sent in his application, we knew just what to do.

A team player, he loves the ceramics sector and remains as enthusiastic about it now as on his very first day. ‘It is a permanently changing industry, which means we cannot get bored because we are continually facing new challenges’.

Having trained in Industrial Foremanship in Malaga, Cristóbal is also fluent in 4 languages: English, French, Arabic and Spanish, not to mention Catalan – which he learnt while living in Igualada in the 1980s.

Cristóbal is quietly proud of belonging to a company which, as he says, ‘has been able to become the leading company in Europe in the production of dies for the ceramics industry, working hand in glove with its clients and working itself to the bone on every project’. In particular, he values the fact that, although he spends much of his time travelling around the world (from Saudi Arabia to Latin America, passing through Iran, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, the Balkans, Russia, etc., not to mention Spain itself), he feels the work he is doing is not ordinary, that there is communication with the team and that behind him there is a strong company always working to remain at the forefront of the industry.

If he had to sum up the reasons why a client should favour MORTE dies in a single sentence, Cristóbal is clear:

‘Think about what there is behind what you are buying: quality, service and a technical and production department that is able to improve what is offered day in day out; plus a highly skilled and effective technical and after-sales service’.

In Cristóbal’s opinion, a MORTE die will always provide the best answer to the needs set out by the client because, he states, the company will always do everything necessary to ensure the die exceeds its mission parameters.

As you might have guessed, Cristóbal is the public face of MORTE, the person who sits down with the clients to begin the process of of responding to their needs.

To do this, you need to know how to listen, something Cristóbal does very well. It is unsurprising, then, that alongside his work and family, music is his great passion.

When he finds a spare moment he picks up a guitar – classical or electric – and starts to strum out tunes which he dedicates to his ideal audience: his wife, to whom he has been married over 34 years, and his two little Cocker Spaniels – Pepa and Lola.

Despite being away so many days, like any good team member, Cristóbal is also a family man – both at home and with the larger family comprising all of us who work at MORTE.


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