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Somos Morte

We are MORTE. José Javier San Servando

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Workshop – Numerical Control (CNC)

José Javier does not disavow his past in Calahorra, but he feels completely at home in Pradejón.

Having completed his education and worked in a couple of small workshops, he remembers how on 7 January 2003 he joined the team at MORTE, and who knows how many pieces have gone through his hands since then?

Time is gold for José Javier, so he looks to make the most of it both at home and at work. At MORTE, he carefully studies each piece to reduce production time, but never at the cost of the level of quality he demands. His desire to keep improving has led to him developing more efficient programmes for the production of the pieces that make up the dies at MORTE.

He does not consider himself a sportsman, but he is proud to sponsor a handball team that takes the name of his company, MORTE, around Europe. This pride is clear when he watches the games in the Velux Champion League in the Sports Complex in Logroño or on television and sees the name of his company on the side in bright letters accompanying the team in its unstoppable advance – the same way he thinks of his company. A team with a great work environment, where there are bosses – because there have to be – who lead by example.

An outdoorsman, if there is something he likes which relaxes him then that is travelling and discovering places like Prague – the city he claims he loves almost as much as his wife. She takes him to the museums in the cities he visits, at the same time that she shares her passion for reading – real books – with him. Not for nothing is she a linguist.

What he likes above all else is hiking, something he shares with his wife, which he says he enjoys one step at a time. José Javier could lead you along the paths and through the marvellous countryside of northern Spain, from Roncesvalles to the Sierra Cebollera, passing through Nacedero del Uraederra, Irati Forest and Lumbier Canyon. He does also like a good film and to follow series on TV – lying on the couch at home.

When it comes to getting his hands dirty, he is a grand confectioner, no question. After all, it is just like his job: planning, measuring and executing to obtain the best product! Meticulous work to which José Javier contributes his talent, attitude and involvement and which makes him proud to form part of the MORTE team.

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