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Representante MORTE en Balcanes

Vaso Ristic, new MORTE representative in the Balkans.

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In May of this year, Vaso Ristic, new MORTE representative in the Balkans, visited our facilities in La Rioja.

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Vaso is a 41 years old professional who has a longstanding experience for nearly 10 years in the sector.

Besides  he is passionate about basket,  football and chest.

During his stay we took the opportunity to make him this interview:


Last May you were visiting MORTE facilities in La Rioja, what was your overall impression of this visit?

In every part, from design to manufacturing, MORTE combines knowledge gathered through years of experience with the use of new age equipment and materials. MORTE has modern latest models of equipment capable of diverse functionalities for production of high quality and quantity of products. Materials are constantly improved to adapt to the different working conditions of its customers. The practical experience is transferred into design to meet the requirements of the market today, which demand durable and easy to control and maintain dies.


To what extent do you think that MORTE products may favor the clay products industry in the Balkans?

Balkans brick producers are aware that they need to improve constantly their production lines. Their list of things to do is long and sometimes they need to prioritise the investments due to often the financial situation prevents them from investing all they wanted.

To begin with, MORTE dies would allow them to stabilize their production, providing a much clearer idea of the real state of their production capacities. I think that any manufacturer would need to have the opportunity to have the possibility to make analysis of his real production capacities.

The elimination of problems in the ceramic industry, starting from the die is really important, as well as, reducing the mass increment of the products thanks to less wear and longer duration.

To what extent do you consider that represent MORTE in the Balkans is an advantage for your customers?

There are clear potential savings only based on the lower mass increment of the product over the large period of time, but this is only the tip of the iceberg of benefits.

Durability, precision, stability and low resistance of extrusion are determining factors when considering the overall production capacity of a company.

Moreover, easy control and maintenance have dramatic potential savings which is not easy to quantify: less production stops, further considering that even less workers are necessary for doing the maintenance job.

Brick manufacturers really need to feel for themselves how the use of the right dies, as the ones MORTE manufactures, make brick making easier and more cost-effective.

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