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Somos Morte

We are Morte. Antonio Ezquerro

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TAS – Technical Assistance Service


Antonio joined MORTE team, the company where his brother was and is still working, more than 24 years ago.

At that time, the company was looking for personnel, and soon after he joined he was put on the shaping machine, which is still operational for small jobs.

He went from the shaping machine to EDM via the drill and the tempering machine.

For Antonio, each Die was an opportunity to learn, as each Die is unique and different to any other. Each Die has to be calibrated to work at maximum performance with a certain type of clay, more or less dense, more or less abrasive.

Thus, Antonio has taken on board what Santos Morte, the founder and alma mater of the company, used to say, “We have to learn even from the competition”, a phrase that reveals that the spirit of MORTE is in its commitment to quality, research, development and constant innovation. And, as Antonio says, it can only be said by a person who has spent a long time working on the extrusion line.

In a short time, he assumed the responsibility of setting up the Dies of MORTE in Europe, America and Africa. This job demands great responsibility, as this is where MORTE Dies have to demonstrate their quality, and in fact they do.

The truth is that Antonio also likes to work at machine level, because it is where you really learn, where you see the problems and find out the solutions. An apprenticeship that he transfers to the technical office of MORTE  to keep improving day by day.

In the way of regulating MORTE Dies is perceived the accumulated experience of the team, is where you can see clearly that company management have spent time on the production line with their customers.

This set-up work has led him to travel far from home, but never more than a week or ten days, as fortunately MORTE Dies are not usually problematic. He has travelled from the southern cone of America all the way to North Africa, through France, Switzerland, Germany and the Balkans; thinking all the time about how shortly he would be cheering on his two sons, who play football in teams sponsored by MORTE. Everything stays in the family.

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