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We are Morte. David Díaz Rodriguez

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Technical Departament.

David remembers how over 17 years ago, a few months after completing his education, he met a neighbour coming out of the doorway of his house, who after a few minutes of chat, invited him to join his company.

That neighbour was Santos Morte, and David started working in the workshop the following day collaborating in the manufacture of Dies, as it was done before, as it is done now; piece by piece, looking at each of them from all perspectives.

Perhaps for this reason he was trained and went to the technical department where he performs the CAD/CAM pre-design and design of the different elements that make up the Die … It can be said that he is the link between the office and the workshop.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired by manufacturing the parts that make up a Die of MORTE, he designs them thinking about their functionality, but also in the manufacturing and assembly process, in achieving to manufacture each piece in the shortest possible time, in the safest and most economical way, facilitating the handling and assembly of the different parts to their workmates, but without neglecting the high quality standards of MORTE.

And the truth is that David likes to see everything from all angles. He does not like to be a mere spectator. He has to enter, soak up, understand everything. He loves to travel, but now he does not do it as before, as a backpacker. In saying this he has a certain nostalgia in his eyes, because he is one of those who knows how to differentiate between the traveller and the tourist. He knows that the real journey is the road.

Discover Japan where the latest trends, the state-of-the-art, live side by side with millenary traditions, be able to appreciate everything, get completely carried away and discover the Iya Valley in the Tokushima Prefecture. Years later he discovered that it was one of the unknown places in the world that is worth witnessing once in your lifetime, but he ended up there guided by his curiosity and instinct. Later he visited Europe, America, Africa … but Asia has captivated him, and in his last getaway he went to Singapore, the high-tech country, but he did not want to miss Malaysia, where tradition, landscape and people leave its mark in his traveling soul.

David is curious by nature, he is interested in many things, maybe too many: he loves reading and watching movies, especially the classic ones, “The world in his arms“, but he also enjoys good anime, computers, new technologies “The time Machine“, (several movies appear portraying his passions) but above all what he likes most is to travel with his partner until getting lost “Flight of the navigator“.

From his work in MORTE he would always recommend his Dies, since he knows each piece. He highlights above all its durability and customisation that is reached by adjusting each Die to the specific needs of each client, each clay, each factory…

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