ECTS new meeting in Barcelona

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Barcelona hosted last October 20 a new meeting of the ECTS (European Ceramic Technology Suppliers) hosted by BERALMAR and VERDÉS, with the presence of MORTE, represented by Marcos Morte and Isabel Vicioso.

As usual, an analysis of the state of the sector was carried out. All the participating companies admitted that 2017 is being a good year in terms of turnover, despite the fact that there are no large plant projects on the horizon.

A market that ECTS members consider interesting because of its growth potential is Latin America. It is for this reason that the symposiums in Peru and Colombia were held. These events were analyzed by the participating companies, which were satisfied by the number of visits received. This is why the celebration of new Symposiums in this region in 2018 is being considered.

In addition, the consequences for the ceramic industry of the measures that the European Commission is adopting to combat climate change were analyzed and HISPALYT (SPANISH ASSOCIATION OF BRICK AND CLAY TILE MANUFACTURERS) reviewed the situation of the Spanish market.

Finally, it was announced that the next meeting will be held in Munich in April 2018 the days before the CERAMITEC Fair.

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