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Machine designed for automatically cleaning all dies that fit into its washing area.

  • Structure with chassis and stainless steel panels.
  • Vertical swing door controlled by a linear actuator.
  • Washing rotors on the swing door connected by an arched bracket.
  • Stainless steel sludge tank.
  • Control cabinet and pressure system in separate cabin.


  • Ease of use and adaptable for almost all existing dies.
  • Window to let you see the washing area.
  • Rotors providing circular and lateral motion, while spraying high-pressure water on both sides of the die.
  • Self-tipping sludge tank system.

Open – overall dimensions (mm): 3465 x 1886 x 2570
Closed – overall dimensions (mm): 3465 x 1337 x 2055
Washing area size (mm): 1250 x 500 x 900
Unladen weight (kg): 1.130
Tank capacity (L): 365

Open – overall dimensions (mm):4.015 x 1.886 x 2.570
Closed – overall dimensions (mm): 4.015 x 1.337 x 2.055
Washing area size (mm): 1.800 x 500 x 900
Unladen weight (kg): 1.200
Tank capacity (L): 500