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In MORTE we strongly believe in training through the company.

For this reason, during this year 2017 we have opened our doors to several young people of different ages and backgrounds from La Rioja to do our bit in their academic training by bringing them closer to the business world.

Firstly, last March we received the students of the 4th year of the Degree in Business Administration and Management of the University of La Rioja as an activity framed within the Family Business Chair, as a result of the agreement between the Family Business Association of La Rioja (AREF), of which we are members, the University of La Rioja and Caixabank.

Subsequently, in the month of April the students of 4th year of Primary School of the C.E.I.P. José Ortega Valderrama of our village, Pradejón, visited us. During this visit they were briefly shown what a extrusion Die consist of, what typed of products can be extruded with it and the machines and processes required for the manufacture of the Dies.

Finally, throughout the month of May we have received the visit of the students who have participated in the second edition of the school program “Learning to Undertake with Ibercaja” which is developed throughout the school year in different schools in La Rioja.

The main goal of this program is promoting the entrepreneurship within the classroom of the student of 5th and 6th of Primary School by promoting the entrepreneur skills at both individual and group levels.

Under this premise the students develop a business project under a cooperative format, supervised at all times by a tutor, carrying out activities such as opening their bank accounts, the development of its corporative image and production and sale of artisanal products developed by them.

The academic centres participating in the project have been the following:

o CPC Alcaste

o CPC Sagrado Corazón of Arnedo

o CPC La Milagrosa

o CEIP Quintiliano

o CEIP San Prudencio

o CRA Moncalvillo

o CEIP Eduardo González Gallarza of Rincón de Soto

o CPC Alcaste –Las Fuentes.


In MORTE we are proud to collaborate in all these initiatives, since we understand that they are an enriching experience to strengthen the entrepreneurial skills of young people from La Rioja bringing them closer to the SMEs in the region.

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